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Canoe Tours in Danube Delta

Danube Delta is a natural paradise which spreads at the flow of the Danube in the Black Sea, after a long trip of 2860 km, starting in Black Forest Mountains in Germany.

The surface of Danube Delta grew with the centuries because of the mud that was brought by the Danube and formed a network of channels, lakes, islands, reed islets, tropical forests and sand dunes, which occupy now almost 5 640 km². This incredible not enough known territory hides over 250 species of birds (it is the biggest pelican area in Europe). Here you can find 110 species of fish from sturgeons to carps, breams and perches; 36 of these species belong to the delta proper (the delta accounts 50 percent of the fresh-water fish production of Romania.). A variety of 1150 species of plants from lianas to water-lilies populate this area. No wonder that UNESCO declared this area as a "Biosphere Reservation".

For 5000 years a small amount of people has been living here in full harmony with this extraordinary ecosystem, gaining its existence out of fishing, growing animals and harvesting reed. The villages, which can be accessed only by water, appear to be hardly touched by time; modern life doesn't have a too big influence here. As visitor, you can explore by canoes this amazing, full of silence and calm, natural refuge that`s filled with silence and calm; this experience will make you feel for real the documentaries from magazines and television.

A trip in Danube Delta won't be forgotten from all points of view.

Our offer:
In all our tours, the price includes:
  • Overnights at local families in Tulcea, Crisan and Mila 23;
  • Home cooked food made by the host;
  • Transfer to Danube Delta and back (from Tulcea);
  • Management of the whole tour by an experienced, multilingual speaking guide;
  • Canoeing training;
  • Modern canoes and equipment;
  • Tourism taxes;
  • Detailed map of Danube Delta 1:150.000;
  • Experience of the local tradition;
  • Bird watching;
  • Unforgettable images of nature;

…and naturally the experience of the virgin in all ways nature of Danube Delta!

4 Days Tour
This tour brings you on the channels and lakes around Crisan.
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 224 €/ person
5 Days Tour
On this tour you can experience a canoe trip over channels and lakes from Crisan to Mila 23 and back on different ways.
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 282 €/ person
6 Days Tour
We guide you from Crisan to Mila 23 and back on different ways; a trip on the lakes and channels around Mila 23.
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 341 €/ Person
7 Days Tour
This tour is meant to reveal you all the area Crisan-Mila 23 (the heart of Danube Delta) with its nature and tradition
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 399 €/ Person
Equipment offered by us:
  • Canadian canoes, perfect fit for 2 Persons with luggage;
  • Life vests;
  • Waterproof bags for your clothes, etc;
  • First aid kits;
  • Outdoors kitchen for eating "on Tour".
What you need (personal equipment recommended):
Sun-cap, mosquitoes-repellent, sunburn-lotion, Romanian pocket money, binoculars.
In all the villages where we go you have access to stores for the basic needs.

The prices are calculated per person in groups with 5 people.
Please, check the Booking link to get the price/person for your group.
Individual trips are also available on request.

For individual trips, we ask you to allow (tolerate) more participants in your group.
The number of registrations on the same starting day will provide the last price.
The eventual price difference will be refunded.

We offer also the platform for fishing tours (fishing permit, guiding, translator, etc.). On request we can help you organize your way to Romania.

For further questions, please check our Contact link.

Your opinion is always welcome, if you would like to change something (activities, tour program, paths, duration), please feel free to say it.