Trekking & Tradition in the Carpathians

The generosity of nature for Romania has manifested also in the region of Apuseni Mountains, a big touristical attraction of Romania. The complexity of these mountains made possible their inclusion in the category of the important mountain attractions like the Alps or the Tatras.

Time put his stamp on this area by digging deep traces in it and forming so the most fragmented group from the Romanian Carpathians (because of the canyons, gorges, valleys and corridors which pass them). The rich fauna of this region, represented especially by big mammals like the Carpathian bears, wild boar, lynxes, wolfs, but also small rare mammals, like the collared mouse and the forest marten, present a special attraction of these mountains. Birds like the capercaillie, the eagle owl, wood lark, the grey-headed woodpecker , etc give life to the forest of this region.

The human culture appeared in these places already in the bronze and iron eras! The traditions and the occupations of the inhabitants from the valleys which cross Apuseni Mountains were always manifested into an harmonic communion with the nature. They hold even today the old occupations like breeding animals and the activities related to the wood working, handicraft well seized, as prove standing the big number of wooden objects and tools, used also in present.

The natural frame of Apuseni Mountains and the occupations with a strong traditional line in the area, not only it offers the material support and the “atmosphere” for the recreation act, but also effectively contributes to its fulfilling.

All these make possible a clean, quality and unforgettable holiday in the area!

Our offer:
In all our tours, the price includes:
  • Overnights at local families in Racatau and Maguri;
  • Home cooked food made by the host;
  • Management of the whole tour by an experienced, multilingual speaking guide;
  • Basic training for mountain tours;
  • Horse wagon driven by an experienced local;
  • Tourism taxes;
  • Detailed map of Gilau Mountains 1:50.000;
  • Experience of the local tradition;
  • Bear watching;
  • Unforgettable images of nature;
…and naturally the experience in all ways of the nature of Apuseni Mountains!
4 Days Tour
This tour goes on the valleys in the surroundings of Racatau, until Maguri, Marisel and back on different ways.
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 156 €/ person
5 Days Tour
On this tour you can experience a horse wagon trip to Maguri and back on a different way; a trip on the valleys to Marisel and back; a day with traditional activities.
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 197 €/ person
6 Days Tour
We guide you from Racatau to Marisel and back on different ways; traditional activities, rest, optionally – bear watching; trip to Balta; also, a trip with the horse wagon trip to Maguri and back on another way.
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 237 €/ Person
7 Days Tour
This tour is meant to reveal you all the area Maguri-Racatau and the surroundings with its nature and tradition
For the daily program and map, please click here.
Price 289 €/ Person
Accessories offered by us:
  • Horse wagon driven by an experienced local;
  • Raincoats;
  • First aid kits;
  • Outdoors kitchen for eating "on Tour".
What you need (personal equipment recommended):
Sun-cap, sunburn-lotion, Romanian pocket money, binoculars.
In all the villages where we go you have access to stores for the basic needs.

The prices are calculated per person in groups with 5 people.
Please, check the Booking link to get the price/person for your group.
Individual trips are also available on request.

For individual trips, we ask you to allow (tolerate) more participants in your group.
The number of registrations on the same starting day will provide the last price.
The eventual price difference will be refunded.

On request we can help you organize your way to Romania.

For further questions, please check our Contact link.

Your opinion is always welcome, if you would like to change something (activities, tour program, paths, duration), please feel free to say it.